More Than
a College Prep Org

We work to inspire and grow the leaders of tomorrow.

  • More Than a College Prep Org

    We work to inspire and grow the leaders of tomorrow.

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We’re proud to donate a portion of profits to Year Up and the American Legion to provide opportunities to students and veterans.

Our Mission

Transizion’s mission is to help keep the American Dream alive by training our young people to become the builders, teachers, entrepreneurs, scientists, and inventors of tomorrow. We live in contentious times, so the best we can do is build each other up, encourage dreams and ambitions, and equip our people with the skills needed to win in globalized marketplaces.

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Our Vision

We envision a future where communities are better equipped to adjust and compete as the world changes. A future where those of all ages and abilities have support in navigating the complicated terrain of education and employment. Where veterans coming back from overseas find support at home and in the workplace. Where every student can confidently strive for the American Dream.

Our Founder

Jason is a former career ambassador for the George Washington University and an experienced college consultant. He’s helped over 1,000 students, young professionals, and C-suite professionals with college admissions, college success, professional profile enhancement, and internships, co-ops, and jobs.

Transizion founder and mentor, Jason Patel

Our Principles


The only true failure is the one you don’t learn from. No one gets it right the first time. No one. Excellence requires persistence and commitment to giving it your best.


We don’t shy away from obstacles. Instead, we get tougher. We cherish giving our clients the tools to earn an edge in a global market that will only become more competitive.


We promise to be honest with you. It’s simple. In an industry overrun with false guarantees, we’re here to give it to you straight.


The best way to gain an edge is to understand the world from the point of view of others. Stubbornness may help your pride, but it will not advance your career.


Hard working families are at a disadvantage. There’s not enough time, and budgets are tight. That’s why we started Transizion: to give a leg up to those who need it.


Tastes and technologies are changing faster than ever. We stay on top of our game by staying on top of how the world is changing. We’re proud to help you do the same.

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Your Stories Make Us Most Proud

There is no greater feeling of accomplishment than when we help our students achieve their dreams.

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We’re not just tutors and mentors. We’re preparing students for college and the economy of tomorrow. The needs and demands of the workforce are changing. Join a team that equips young people for success.