Conquer your college admissions journey and build professional skills

Plan for college, eliminate confusion, and build life skills with a mentor who understands your personality and ambitions.

  • Conquer your college admissions journey with our help

    Plan for college, eliminate confusion, and build life skills with a mentor who understands your personality and ambitions.

    Designed for High School Freshmen and Sophomores
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Never get left behind. Boost your success rates. Develop professional skills.

Get life-changing guidance to plan out high school, build professional skills, and beat the entire college admissions process. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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Calm Your Worries

Conquer the difficulties and excel at every aspect of the college admissions process. Get the information schools rarely provide. Perfect essays, get academic guidance, and receive extracurricular support.

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Increase Your Chances

Sharpen your personal narrative to stand out from other applicants. Partner with an advocate to discover how to put yourself in the best position to boost your college acceptance rate.

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Develop Adult Skills

Learn how to become a successful, disciplined adult. Get paired with a mentor who has experience in your desired career field. Your mentor will become your big brother or big sister.

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Discover Internships

Build your resume and get customized recommendations on summer opportunities, volunteer activities, capstone projects, and internships. Add clarity to your college and career pathway with a personalized timeline.

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Find Best-Fit Colleges

Evaluate your prospective major, campus preferences, test scores, grades, and career ambitions to find the right schools for you. Get personalized admissions insights and data you won’t find anywhere else.

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Simplify the Process

Achieve your personal goals using our holistic approach. Plan for admissions deadlines, test dates, requirements, and learn how to become the best applicant. Enter your senior year with a complete college profile.


I am glad we chose Transizion for our son who is also our first child going into college. College search/application process can be very intimidating for both the students and parents, and we didn’t feel well equipped to guide our son through it. Though we still have a long way to go, our start with Transizion has been great and we are confident that our son is in good hands. Our assigned mentor is really good! He recognizes our child’s potential and has been guiding him through the process without making it seem tedious. Would definitely recommend Transizion.


Highly recommend! Super helpful. Professional and fast to respond. Transizion is an invaluable asset to help you navigate the college admissions process. I have two other children in high school and will engage Transizion for each of them.


I am so happy that I found Transizion. All kids need a company like them when they apply to college.


I am a single Mom and we needed a LOT of support for proper school choices and someone to oversee the appropriate school essays. Anna has been amazing. First of all, it is VITAL to connect with the student and Anna scored an A+ from me. She has been able to keep Abigayle on task organized and timely for deadlines. I cannot say enough about her knowledge of schools, requirements and her talent with writing has been supreme. My daughter and I would HIGHLY recommend these services to prospective college bound students who especially want to be sure they manage the process with precision.


My daughter used Transizion for her college application process. We had a couple hiccups initially as her advisors turned over quickly. Jason was proactive and professional in finding the right advisor for us and setting us straight on our journey.

Our advisor was absolutely wonderful. She helped refine our targeted university list – in the US and in Canada. She kept my daughter on track without me having to intervene; helped present her in the most positive light; and helped build her confidence. I don’t believe that she would have been so widely accepted to the universities of her choice without Transizion’s guidance and help.

KateParent, Class of 2021
Couldn’t be happier. Jason identified a counselor for my son who was a great fit. They really listen and are incredibly professional. Derek was very organized, and had a manageable process and schedule. Transizion helped identify colleges that matched our requirements, helped navigate all the applications and deadlines. Derek gave great guidance on essay writing by asking probing questions that resulted in essays with a very authentic voice. My son applied to a long list and has offers that he really likes.

We are so grateful for Transizion, Jason is truly amazing and extremely educated. My daughter is flourishing with her college courses due to the efforts that Jason and counselor Stephanie as they have put a lot of time into working with my daughter. I highly recommend Transizion for your student, they are the best.


“I loved my mentor and received a ton of help while working with Transizion…from essays to lists to scholarships. We’re glad to have chosen this company. I’ve already referred friends! I got advising and counseling for everything I needed, without having to stress so much about the process.”

JessicaStudent, Class of 2020

My husband and I could not be any happier with the services we received! Our biggest concern was around finding a counselor/academic coach who would “own” and manage this process for us from an “end to end” perspective! Plus, we needed someone who could not only figure out how to connect with my daughters (both high schoolers) and earn their respect, but also bring sound knowledge and background to guide them at each step of their high school journey (including college apps).

While I believe it’s a partnership, where the student and the coach both have to be aligned on the goals, next steps, etc., I am very confident to say, Beverly, our coach, went above and beyond in all these aspects!!! She kept me apprised of the progress in a very timely manner and Jason was always just a phone call away, in case we needed any other help :))
I could not have asked for more 🙂
I am ready to recommend this service to anyone!!

Professional, friendly, affordable. Transizion is everything a student could ask for.

How Our Program Works

We’ll guide you through every step of high school. Plan out your journey, pursue the right opportunities, and beat every obstacle in your way. With us, you’ll get your story right.

  • Step 1:


    Match with a Mentor

    Get paired with a college mentor who knows what it takes to create an outstanding admissions application. We’ll get to know you and your interests and then help you explore them.

  • Step 2:


    Create Your Action Plan

    As we get to know you, we’ll recommend improvements to your application, from taking classes at local colleges to projects you can do over the summer. Throughout it all, we’ll help you narrow down your major and address any confusion you might have.

  • Step 3:


    Build Your Story

    Based on your interests, we’ll help you examine a range of schools. As you decide which ones you’re interested in, we’ll send you information about information sessions and other relevant events. As you work with us, we’ll make you feel confident about your college applications.

Our Awesome Mentors

Our mentors are talented, experienced professionals dedicated to helping students reach their dreams!

The Well-Traveled Reader

The Well-Traveled Reader

This mentor is an enthusiastic educator, writer, and editor based in the Boston area. She graduated summa cum laude from George Washington University with a degree in classical studies.

The Egalitarian Medical Student

The Egalitarian Medical Student

He completed his Bachelor of Science at UNC Chapel Hill and then became a student at Brody School of Medicine in North Carolina. He is passionate about social inequalities translating to health inequities among low-income populations.

The Storytelling Musician

The Storytelling Musician

This mentor majored in English at UPenn and graduated with honors. This mentor is also an accomplished musician, having played piano since he was five years old and the saxophone since middle school.

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