Need a private SAT or ACT tutor?

Build a one-on-one relationship with a tutor who will help you systematically build confidence and improve your test taking.

It’s time for procrastination to end.

  • Need an SAT or ACT Private Tutor?

    It’s time for the procrastination to end. Do your best on the test with private SAT/ACT tutoring.

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Of our students score above the national average


Increase their SAT score by over 100 points.


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Get Custom SAT and ACT Test Advice.

The SAT and ACT are stressful for everyone. That’s why we’ll pair you up with a tutor who can target specific weaknesses and skills.

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Increase Your Score

All of our students improve their SAT or ACT score. We’re confident we can help you too, or your money back.

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Outperform Your Peers

College admissions are competitive. You need an above-average SAT or ACT score to be considered for the best schools. Our tutors can get you there!

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Strengthen Weaknesses

Come as you are. We’re here to encourage you to work on and overcome whatever testing challenges you face.

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Learn from Top-Tier Instructors

All our instructors are experts at standardized testing and have earned top scores themselves. They will teach you their strategies for success!

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Flexible Study Times

One size doesn’t fit all. That’s why our tutors will work with your calendar constraints to schedule sessions.

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Leave Anxiety Behind

With a personal SAT or ACT tutor in your corner, you can approach standardized tests with confidence knowing that you are prepared to ace the exam.


“I chose Transizion and had a good time working with my mentor. I applied to a number of competitive schools and got help with essays and scholarships.  I can’t Transizion enough for everything it did to help me in the college application process. I’m going to be attending SMU as a Hunt Leadership Scholar and also got accepted to Northwestern. Thank you for the opportunities you helped open for me.”

TrygStudent, Class of 2020

My senior daughter and I found Transizion, and we are very thankful for them. Their service is incredible. Transizion is fairly priced and the mentor they matched with us was a perfect fit. I am happy to recommend them to my friends and family. Best value for the price.

KlaraParent, Class of 2021

“Transizion helped my son when he was having trouble in a challenging class. Our mentor from Transizizion and the service the company offered was excellent. I would recommend them to any parent.”

ConstanceParent, Class of 2021

The service and mentor matching with Transizion is unparalleled. As busy parents, we are so happy to have found them during our son’s college applications process. We will tell our friends about this platform!

UmeshParent, Class of 2020

How Our Private SAT and ACT Tutoring Works

Our tutors will meet one-on-one with you over Zoom or Google Meet. This customized attention means that you are never overwhelmed and can build your confidence through ongoing affirmative interactions with us.

  • Step 1:


    Tutor Assessment

    Tutors start by getting to know you, particularly your test-taking strengths and weaknesses. Then, we create an individualized plan to raise your scores.

  • Step 2:


    Individualized Instruction

    Each tutoring session aims to provide the best learning experience. We know one size doesn’t fit all. Whether you prefer to ask questions, take notes during a lecture, or work on practice problems, our tutors will adjust their teaching styles to match your learning preferences.

  • Step 3:


    Confidently Take the SAT or ACT

    Reap the benefits of your private tutoring the next time you take the SAT or ACT. With newfound confidence and test-taking strategies, you will score higher, resulting in a  stronger college application.

Meet Our Tutors

Our tutors know what it takes to get a top score. They’ve done it themselves. And they love helping students do the same.

The Poetic Entrepreneur

The Poetic Entrepreneur

This mentor is an experienced tutor who is passionate about reading, writing, and education. She graduated with her MA in English from Columbia University and has worked with students from diverse backgrounds all across America.

The Gentleman Scholar

The Gentleman Scholar

This mentor is an experienced private tutor who has worked with students of all ages for over a decade. He studied history and politics at the University of Exeter in the U.K. and graduated with honors and two published dissertations.

The Standardized-Testing Sage

The Standardized-Testing Sage

This mentor has been a tutor and academic coach for nearly eight years. She has coached countless students in subjects such as essay writing, ACT and SAT prep, study skills, IB exams, and many others.

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