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Leveraging Intelligence and Ambition to Earn a Full Scholarship: Joshua’s Case Study

Problem: The college essay stood in Joshua’s way. He was a STEM-focused student whose math skills heavily overshadowed...
by Jason Patel
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Demonstrating a Passion for Social Impact: Margot’s Case Study

Problem: Despite Margot’s strong grades and extracurricular activities, she didn’t know how to begin tackling her college essays.
by Martin Ales
morgan case study

A Leader in the Making: Morgan’s Case Study

Problem: Morgan had participated in numerous extracurricular activities and had a strong passion for solving social issues.
by Jason Patel
sydney case study college success

How to Reach the Elites: Sydney’s Story

Problem: Sydney’s writing sounded forced; she was trying too hard to sound smart when, in fact, she should have been drawing...
by Martin Ales
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How to Get a Full Scholarship: Noah’s Story

Problem: The college admissions essay stood in Noah’s way. He was a STEM-focused student, whose math skills...
by Martin Ales
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How to Earn a Lifetime Advantage: Pavan’s Story

Problem: Despite Pavan’s good grades and extracurricular activities, he and his parents were unsure of his writing skills.
by Martin Ales