Company Ethics & Integrity

Company Ethics & Integrity

We pledge to serve you with excellent customer service, high-quality solutions, and devout integrity.

Our team will do what it can do to best position you for success – that’s what makes happy clients and loyal friends. That’s why we’re successful. We offer guidance, strategy, support, and advice.

With that said, it’s also important to be forthcoming about our rules for helping students and parents achieve their college admissions and career dreams.

  • We will not write essays for students.
  • We will not write college applications for students.
  • We will not complete homework assignments or encourage any form of impropriety.
  • Students and parents have the final say over completed work and developed assets.

To uphold these standards, we have guidelines for our team members.

  • Under no circumstances will a Transizion team member accept a financial reward or reward of any kind outside the scope of the agreement.
  • Any team member who is under suspicion of breaking guidelines will be subject to company investigation.
  • If it is confirmed that a team member broke one or more of the guidelines, he or she will be immediately terminated.

We do not compromise on ethics and honesty.

Our commitment to service and success is what makes us great.

If a team member, student, or parent has questions about our ethics should contact [email protected] immediately.