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Preparing for College?

Prepare for college and your career with personalized guidance from our expert tutors.

  • Need Help Preparing for College?

    Prepare for college and your career with personalized guidance from our expert tutors.

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Prepare for College with Confidence

We love helping students attain their college and career dreams. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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How Our Tutoring Works

It’s never too early (or too late) to prepare for college. Whether you need help with test prep, a quick college essay review, or regular academic tutoring, we’re ready to assist. Tutoring sessions are conducted online at your convenience.

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Pick a topic

We offer four categories of tutoring services: College Essay, Test Prep, Academic, and Special Topic. Whether you’re preparing for college or looking to advance in your career, we have a tutoring solution that’s right for you.

Get an assessment

After you pick a topic, our first step is to understand your goals, what you already know, and answer any questions you may have. Tell us about any specific troubles, special requests, or timelines that are important to you.

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Get matched

Now that we know you a little better, let’s match you with a tutor who is an expert on your requested subject. Every Transizion tutor is committed to our core values: exceptional quality, personalized curriculum, and accountability-driven service.

Receive tutoring

We’re experts at creating an environment conducive to exploration and learning. And we understand not everyone is the same. When working with us, we maintain a relaxed and empowering setting that can serve any learning style.

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Raise knowledge and scores

Our job is to help you perform to your potential. We look forward to seeing you reap the benefits of our tutoring, such as better grades, higher test scores, and a standout college admissions application.

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College Essay Tutoring

Improve your essays, have them revised, and weave your best narrative with one-on-one tutoring.

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Test Prep Tutoring

Raise your SAT scores by addressing your weaknesses and learning new strategies.

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Academic Tutoring

Raise your grades in school and improve the most important aspect of your college application.

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Special Topic Tutoring

Raise your knowledge in specialty and unorthodox subjects, from Roman history to cryptocurrencies to website building.

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