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Transform Your Transcript Through Tutoring

Ace your AP exams and raise your GPA with our high school tutoring services!

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Build Your Advantage

Your high school transcript is the most important component of your college admissions application. Submit your strongest transcript with our help.

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Raise Your Grades

Get to the root of your academic challenges and overcome them. With our help, you can reach your academic potential.

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Get Help With Homework

Do you struggle to complete your homework? Have one of our expert tutors answer your homework questions and help keep you on track.

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Ace Your AP Exams

While working through AP material and practice questions, we’ll teach you tips and techniques that will help you earn a 4 or 5 on the AP exam.

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Get College Credit

College is expensive. By excelling in your AP classes, you can earn college credit and spend less time studying the basics.

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Learn Study Skills

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed in high school. Our tutors can help you develop study skills that will help you now and throughout college.


“Transizion helped my son when he was having trouble in a challenging class. Our mentor from Transizizion and the service the company offered was excellent. I would recommend them to any parent.”

ConstanceParent, Class of 2021

“On behalf of my son, my family got a good amount of college help from Transizion. Communication was easy and constant. Very happy with the assistance and even happier that we found them.”

ChitraParent, Class of 2020

My son has been working with one of the Transizion tutors since this past summer. I’ve noticed that he has become more focused on what he needs to do to be a better candidate for the colleges he is considering applying to. His tutor is pushing him the right amount and generating an interest in other fields of study he hadn’t considered. They are very hands on and easy to work with. Totally recommend! Will be using them again with my younger son in a few years!

PilarParent, Class of 2021

I first came across Transizion while reading some of their articles on college essay strategies. Despite our tight deadline for Early Actions, they were ready to help our son meet his goals with his college applications. After a free consultation, we signed up for one of their packages. I found their rates competitive and I liked that they offer saving opportunities, like their referral program. Our son really liked his tutor, Andrew, who was professional and really easy to work with. We will definitely be using them again when it comes time for our daughter to apply to college.

WendyParent, Class of 2021

Really enjoyed working with Transizion. Efficient service and fairly priced. The service was very personal and hands on a well. They really helped take my stress away and made sure I made the best first impression possible

BrandonStudent, Class of 2021

“My daughter got a lot of help from Transizion during a pretty stressful time. She earned a full-ride to a school in our region and a bunch of acceptances to other schools on the East Coast. We could not have done with without the help of our mentor.”

RajParent, Class of 2020

“I loved my mentor and received a ton of help while working with Transizion…from essays to lists to scholarships. We’re glad to have chosen this company. I’ve already referred friends! I got advising and counseling for everything I needed, without having to stress so much about the process.”

JessicaStudent, Class of 2020

How Our Private SAT and ACT Tutoring Works

Our tutors will meet one-on-one with you over Zoom or Google Meet. This customized attention means that you are never overwhelmed and can build your confidence through ongoing affirmative interactions with us.

  • Step 1:


    Tutor Assessment

    Tutors start by getting to know you and uncovering your academic stumbling blocks. As your tutor learns about you, they will develop a custom study plan to help you excel.

  • Step 2:


    Individualized Instruction

    We know one size doesn’t fit all. Whether you prefer to ask questions, take notes during a lecture, or work on practice problems, we will match our teaching style to your learning preferences.

  • Step 3:


    Ace Your Class

    Reap the benefits of private tutoring every time a piece of homework is turned in or a pop quiz is aced. With newfound confidence, you will score higher, resulting in a  stronger college application.

Meet Our Tutors

Our tutors know what it takes to get straight As. They’ve done it themselves. And they love helping students do the same.

The Underserved Teacher

The Underserved Teacher

This mentor is a Princeton graduate devoted to working on environmental issues. For 2.5 years, she tutored in NJ prisons to help people prepare for their GED exams and taught English in the local Latinx community.

The Creative Scientist

The Creative Scientist

This mentor graduated from MIT, where she got a Bachelor’s Degree in Brain and Cognitive science. She’s been tutoring others since high school and loves watching students finally understand a topic.

The Almost Doctor

The Almost Doctor

This mentor is a tutor and former collegiate athlete who is passionate about educational access and health equity. He graduated from Washington University in St. Louis and is currently applying to medical school.

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