Daniel Morrison is an experienced private tutor who has worked with
students of all ages for over a decade. He studied History and Politics
at the University of Exeter in the U.K. and graduated with honors and
two published dissertations.

Daniel has designed content for SAT and ACT practice tests, led SAT
lessons to groups of students and individuals, and helped dozens of
students maximize their potential and prepare for college life. His
students have been accepted to St. Andrews, Emory, Stanford, Georgetown, Elon, and many other prestigious universities in the United States and
abroad. Daniel prides himself on his ability to understand and relate to
any student. Daniel is a kind and empathetic man who prioritizes helping
students understand and better themselves. This perspective has made him
very adept at helping students overcome writer’s block and find their

Daniel is also a passionate soccer fan and regularly plays pick-up games
with his friends. He has traveled the world and lived in several
countries, including his native England, Brazil, India, Thailand,
Turkey, Israel, and Guatemala. Daniel has taught English and writing to
students in many countries and from a wide variety of backgrounds.

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