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proofreading college essay revising

Proofreading and Revising Your College Essay: 9 Important Tips

Proofreading your own college essay can be incredibly difficult. Here are nine tips that will help you complete a perfect draft of your college essay.
by Scott H.
how to write a hook

Finding the Right Tone in Your College Essay: A Helpful Guide

How are you supposed to sound like yourself in a college essay? Let's work on your college essay tone to make sure you're explaining your values properly.
by Scott H.
college leadership

How to Demonstrate Leadership on College Applications

College application leadership is critical for admissions success. Colleges today want leaders, so it’s time to take a strategic approach to become one
by Scott H.
sydney case study college success

How to Reach the Elites: Sydney's Story

Problem: Sydney’s writing sounded forced; she was trying too hard to sound smart when, in fact, she should have been drawing...
by Martin Ales
common app essay prompts how to write

How to Get a Full Scholarship: Noah’s Story

Problem: The college admissions essay stood in Noah’s way. He was a STEM-focused student, whose math skills...
by Martin Ales
Pavan case study college admissions

How to Earn a Lifetime Advantage: Pavan's Story

Problem: Despite Pavan’s good grades and extracurricular activities, he and his parents were unsure of his writing skills.
by Martin Ales
qualities colleges look for

Top 10 Qualities Colleges Look for in a Student

Although some schools may rank these factors differently in order of importance, these are the top 10 qualities colleges look for in a student.
by Ashley C.
choosing college essay topic

Choosing the Right College Essay Topic: 10 Great Tips

By following these tips, you will be able to select a college essay topic that will produce an excellent, authentic, and impressive essay.
by Scott H.