Beverly Gearreald graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where she got a Bachelor’s Degree in Brain and Cognitive science. It was there that she first discovered her love of helping others apply to scholarships and academic programs. After she graduated from medical school at Rush University, she began working as an editor part-time, which she continued through her surgical residency.

Through her work with students of all ages, she has learned the value of listening to each of them and helping them craft applications that authentically illustrate their best qualities and highlight their uniqueness. People she has worked with have gone onto to attend Cornell University, Tufts, and Cambridge University in England.
In her spare time, Beverly also enjoys all manner of hobbies, especially anything that involves manual precision. She creates jewelry, pickles, and paints, all of which she enjoys giving to her friends and colleagues. However, her favorite hobby is anything she has yet to try, because life is an adventure.

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