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Ashley Cullins is a high school English teacher with an M.Ed in English Education from the University of Florida. She conducts college application essay workshops and regularly assists high school students with the college application process. Not only is Ashley an experienced ghostwriter, but she’s penned pieces in well-known education publications, such as The Tech Edvocate, Chegg, Big Life Journal, Write Lab, Magoosh, and Conscious Discipline. She has written over 80 articles on college applications, supplemental essays, summer programs, structuring application deadlines, medical school admissions, graduate school admissions, MBA admissions, law school admissions, and a myriad of high school-, career- and college-related subjects. Ashley is a college, graduate school, and career expert. She holds a mastery of the English language and knows how to position language to most effectively convey a message.


How To Get Into Wellesley

How To Get Into Wellesley

The application process is competitive, but this guide is all about how to get into Wellesley. We’ll share all the data, information, and tips you need to put your best foot forward when applying to Wellesley.
by Ashley C.