Anna Fuselier has worked in the education sector continuously for the last seven years. She is the COO of a social impact consulting firm, Parkes Philanthropy, and serves as the Board Chair for an education and civic responsibility non-profit.
Anna began her career as an educator while completing a Fulbright Grant in Bulgaria, where she taught English for two years. She was ultimately a classroom teacher for four years, leading her students to academic growth in the 99th national percentile. She believes strongly in identifying areas of strength and capitalizing on them to create the future you want, and loves the work of empowering young people to reach their full potential.
Anna is an avid yogi, writer, and world traveler. She has lived in four countries, visited over 35, and loves learning new languages. She has a Bachelors in International Affairs from the George Washington University and is presently pursuing her Masters in Education at the University of Virginia.
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