Give your students personalized college & career mentorship

Partner with Transizion to unlock your students’ potential, increase graduation and college matriculation rates, and watch them achieve their goals!

  • Give your students personalized college & career mentorship

    Partner with Transizion to unlock your students’ potential, increase graduation and college matriculation rates, and watch them achieve their goals!

    Custom programs for high schools
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1:1 Mentorship

Covers college applications, financial aid, and career success!

100% satisfaction

For administration, counselors, and teachers.

100% of Students

Get personalized attention and support

Boost success rates by giving each student individual mentorship & attention.

Our one-on-one, online guidance supports your students as they transition out of high school and into college, the military, a trade school, or any other career.

We support your existing counseling and administrative team members while giving them the tools to track student progress.

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Support Your Team

We work with districts, schools administrators, counselors, and teachers to bolster their college and career programs. We create a support network for students.

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Match Your Priorities

Through custom evaluations, we will help you create a plan for your school based on your priorities, budget, and desired outcomes. Get support based on your school’s unique needs.

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Hit Your Success Metrics

Give your students an expert partner. Provide your students the support they need to help them achieve their college and career goals.

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Boost Student Success

Position your students for success by ensuring they have the mentorship, organization, tools, and opportunities they need to succeed during and after high school.

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Impress Your Community

Impress parents and community partners by investing in your students’ future. Help your students accomplish their college and career dreams!

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Track Your Student Progress

College counselors, administrators, and parents can track each student’s application process through CollegeRize, our very own communication and workflow software. Get insight into what your students are working on in real-time.

Transizion was so valuable to our students. They helped our kids navigate the college application process and made my life so much easier. Educators need support, and Transizion was there to help every step of the way. Our kids and  their parents were very happy with the service Transizion provided. They were flexible and easy to work with. They kept my team and me in the know every step of the way. I highly recommend Transizion to other college counselors,  principals, and school districts!

Rosana PerezCollege Counselor, New York City Department of Education

How Transizion Works With Schools

Our goal is to streamline the post-high school launch process into easy-to-follow steps. Your students will receive individualized attention to ensure they are prepared to move on to the next step in their college and career successfully.

  • Step One:


    Custom Programming

    To start, we do an in-depth analysis of your school’s needs, pain points, and wants. We will then create a custom strategic program for your students, whether that’s an all-inclusive program for your students or a financial aid program for seniors only. Whatever your situation, we help you meet your students where they are.

  • Step Two:


    Mentor Pairing

    We’ll match your students to specialized mentors, who will help your kids with everything college & career related. You’ll track student progress using our software, CollegeRize. You will also have a dedicated Transizion representative to ensure guidance counselors, parents, and students measure student progress.

  • Step Three:


    Achieve Measurable Results

    Witness first-hand as your students execute their college and career plans without stress and anxiety. As your first seniors graduate, watch them head into the world with the confidence and options they need to succeed.

For immediate assistance call: (732) 339-3835. View our entire catalog of boot camps here.