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college application anxiety and stress

Reduce College Application Stress and Anxiety With These 6 Tips

Here are six critical tips to reduce stress and anxiety when it comes time to apply to college, write your college essays, and interview with admissions officers.
by Ashley C.
how many colleges should i apply to?

How Many Colleges Should You Apply To? Read This Guide

It's important to consider every on- and off-campus factor before applying to your top college choice.
by Ashley C.
what you need to know about college applications

10 Things You Need to Know About College Applications

From the interview, to the college essay, to the application itself, use our tips for college admissions success.
by Jason Patel
college recommendation letters

How to Get Great College Recommendation Letters: 6 Important Tips

Pressed for time and need to get great college recommendation letters? Here are six great strategies on approaching teachers and winning admissions.
by Ashley C.
prepare for college applications

How to Prepare for College Applications During Four Years of High School

We’ll outline a college preparation plan that explains what you should do each year of high school in order to stay on track for college acceptance and college success.
by Ashley C.
student loans

Student Loans: 7 Important Things You Need to Know

It’s important to be informed as you and your child make decisions related to taking out loans for college. Here are five things you need to know about student loans.
by Ashley C.
briefly elaborate extracurricular activities college applications

Writing About Extracurricular Activities on College Applications: A Guide

Use these tips to better your college apps and set yourself up for admissions success. Focus on brainstorming and telling a story!
by Rhonda A.
college interview

Acing the College Interview: 10 Super-Helpful Tips

Stand out during the college interview process. Following these 10 tips will boost your college admissions chances.
by Ashley C.
scholarships college finding

Finding & Applying to Scholarships: 10 Tips for Money Success

By following these 10 tips on finding and applying to scholarships, you can help make steep tuition prices a bit more manageable.
by Ashley C.