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Learn how to submit an excellent college application with these insights

columbia acceptance rate

The Columbia Acceptance Rate & More Vital Info About Columbia Admissions

Columbia has an acceptance rate of 6%. If you’re hoping to beat out the competition, the first step is understanding the application process.
by Ashley C.
briefly elaborate extracurricular activities college applications

How to Briefly Elaborate on Extracurricular Activities for College Applications

Your goal is to stay concise, tell a story, and show the college admissions officer how you've developed as a person.
by Rhonda A.
nyu acceptance rate

The NYU Acceptance Rate & More Vital Info About NYU Admissions

This is the complete NYU admissions guide to help you apply to the college and write your supplemental essay.
by Ashley C.
college application procrastination

Beat Procrastination During College Application Season: The Guide

From deadlines to college essays, apply to college with success. Beat procrastination with confidence.
by Rhonda A.
uc acceptance rates

UC Acceptance Rates & University of California Admissions Insights

Learn how to better your college applications when applying to the University of California.
by Ashley C.
stanford acceptance rate

The Stanford Acceptance Rate & Vital Info About Stanford Admissions

Know more about the Stanford acceptance rate and other key admissions tips for the application and supplemental essays.
by Ashley C.
college leadership

How to Demonstrate Leadership on College Applications

College application leadership is critical for admissions success. Colleges today want leaders, so it’s time to take a strategic approach to become one
by Scott H.
harvard acceptance rate

The Harvard Acceptance Rate & Vital Info About Applying to Harvard

It’s important to know the Harvard acceptance rate and gain more insights about the admissions process. Read this article for tips.
by Ashley C.
college application anxiety and stress

Reduce College Application Stress and Anxiety With These 6 Tips

Here are six critical tips to reduce stress and anxiety when it comes time to apply to college, write your college essays, and interview with admissions officers.
by Ashley C.