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how many ap classes should i take

How Many AP Classes Should I Take? A High School Student's Guide

How many AP classes should you take? This guide covers everything from what the Ivy League looks for to what you should do if your school doesn't have APs.
by Katie B.
additional information section common app

How to Write the Common App Additional Information Section

This is how you write the Common App Additional Info section. We provide examples as well.
by Katie B.
how to ask for letter of recommendation recommendation letter teacher professor

How to Ask For (and Get) a Powerful Letter of Recommendation: A Student's Guide

This article will detail a step-by-step guide on how to request a powerful recommendation letter.
by Haley B.
letter of continued interest LOCI how to write

How to Write an Amazing Letter of Continued Interest (Samples Included)

In this article, we’ll explain how and when to write a letter of continued interest, and we’ll answer all your LOCI-related questions.
by Ashley C.
student council

Student Council: The Election Guide for Student Leaders

In this ultimate guide, we’ll discuss the benefits of student council, how to get appointed, and what to expect.
by Ashley C.
early action vs early decision regular decision

Early Action vs Early Decision: The Ultimate Guide to College Deadlines

If you’re looking into becoming a doctor, you might be wondering DO vs MD. We have the answers.
by Haley B.
Deferred Waitlisted

What It Means to Be Deferred or Waitlisted (and How to Beat It!)

In this guide, we’ll answer all of your questions about being deferred or waitlisted from the college of your dreams.
by Ashley C.
Community Service Project Examples

75+ Community Service Ideas & Projects: The Volunteer's Guide

These are some of the best community service ideas. We also ask the experts the benefits of volunteering.
by Tina M.
upenn acceptance rate

The UPenn Acceptance Rate & More Vital Info About UPenn Admissions

To earn an acceptance letter from UPenn, completely understanding the admissions process is essential. Luckily, you have this guide.
by Ashley C.