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Calculus AB vs BC

Calculus AB vs. BC: The Ultimate Guide

Calculus AB vs. Calculus BC. Which one should you take? This guide covers concepts, exams, and other elements you need to know.
by Mary D.
easiest ap classes

Easiest AP Classes: The Ultimate Guide

We provide insight on which AP classes are the easiest, what to expect from these courses & whether taking “easy” AP classes will hurt your college chances.
by Ashley C.
brag sheet for letter of recommendation

Brag Sheet for Letters of Recommendation: The Ultimate Guide (Template Included!)

Learn what makes a great brag sheet, how to format one, and why it's so important. Brag sheet success!
by Katie B.
how to get into mit

How to Get into MIT: The Ultimate Admissions Guide

This guide will teach you everything you need to know to get into Stanford. Find out what it takes.
by Lena N.
how many ap classes should i take

How Many AP Classes Should I Take? A High School Student's Guide

How many AP classes should you take? This guide covers everything from what the Ivy League looks for to what you should do if your school doesn't have APs.
by Katie B.
additional information section common app

How to Write the Common App Additional Information Section

This is how you write the Common App Additional Info section. We provide examples as well.
by Katie B.
how to ask for letter of recommendation recommendation letter teacher professor

How to Ask For (and Get) a Powerful Letter of Recommendation: A Student's Guide

This article will detail a step-by-step guide on how to request a powerful recommendation letter.
by Haley B.
letter of continued interest LOCI how to write

How to Write an Amazing Letter of Continued Interest (Samples Included)

In this article, we’ll explain how and when to write a letter of continued interest, and we’ll answer all your LOCI-related questions.
by Ashley C.
student council

Student Council: The Election Guide for Student Leaders

In this ultimate guide, we’ll discuss the benefits of student council, how to get appointed, and what to expect.
by Ashley C.