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best summer programs for high school students

The Best Competitive Summer Programs for High School Students: The Complete Guide

Participating in a competitive summer program can help make a college applicant stand out.
by Ashley C.
mental health stress college

Mental Health & Stress in College: 6 Useful Tips on Dealing With Anxiety

Here are some helpful tips for parents and students to stay mentally healthy.
by Jason Patel
university honors program

University Honors Program: Is It Worth the “Extra Work”?

University honors program coursework is taken in addition to your degree. Should you apply?
by Rhonda A.
benefits of a STEM degree

Top 6 Benefits of Earning a STEM Degree

These are the benefits of a STEM degree. Go to college for science, tech, engineering, or math after reading this guide.
by Ashley C.
benefits of humanities liberal arts degree

Top 5 Benefits of Earning a Humanities or Liberal Arts Degree

Do you want to major in a humanities field? This list gives you 5 reasons why a liberal arts degree is a good idea.
by Ashley C.
qualities colleges look for

Top 10 Qualities Colleges Look for in a Student

Although some schools may rank these factors differently in order of importance, these are the top 10 qualities colleges look for in a student.
by Ashley C.
college major

What Major Should I Choose? 14 Critical Tips to Choosing a Great Major

Remember these seven critical tips when embarking on the college major selection process.
by Ashley C.
college leadership skills

7 Ways to Boost Leadership Skills in College

College is about far more than attending classes and earning a degree; it’s also about developing the leadership skills...
by Ashley C.
college major

When Choosing Your College Major, Read These 7 Tips

Confused about how to choose a college major? Use these tips to help you choose your future career or path of interest.
by Ashley C