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ap course audit

AP Course Audit: The Complete Guide to Success

Learn about what an AP Course audit is and why it's so important. Read about how to audit an AP course and become prepared to take on the task yourself.
by Mary D.
how to get into stanford

How to Get Into Stanford: Everything You Need to Know

This guide will teach you everything you need to know to get into Stanford. Find out what it takes.
by Lena N.
ib vs ap benefits differences better for college

IB vs AP: Which Is Better for College Admissions?

This guide breaks down every difference between IB and AP and explains their significance for college.
by Haley B.
expository writing expository essay

Expository Writing: The Guide to Writing an Expository Essay

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to pen a high-scoring expository paper.
by Ashley C.
most challenging hardest AP courses

Hardest AP Classes: The Ultimate Guide

In this article, we’ll provide an in-depth look at the most challenging AP courses, filling you in on why they’re challenging and what to expect.
by Ashley C.
difference ap physics 1 2 c

The Difference Between AP Physics 1, 2, and C – Everything a High-Achieving Student Needs to Know

Beginning at the start of the 2014 academic year, the College Board replaced AP Physics B with AP Physics 1 and AP Physics 2.
by Haley B.
how to start a club in high school

How to Start a Club in High School: A Beginner’s Guide

Starting a club in high school is a great way to practice leadership and organizational skills. These are important qualities you will retain...
by Rhonda A.
how to get into national honor society

How to Get Into the National Honor Society: A Guide for Academic Stars

The National Honor Society (NHS) is a nationwide organization for high-achieving students in grades 10-12.
by Ashley C.
sat scoring

The Comprehensive Guide to SAT Scoring: Everything About SAT Scores

As you register, prepare for, and finally take the SAT, you probably have one goal in mind: to earn the highest score you possibly can.
by Ashley C.