Need Career Guidance?

It’s common to feel uncertain about the future. We can’t give you your purpose, but we can show you the path.

  • Need Career Guidance?

    It’s common to feel uncertain about the future. We can’t give you your purpose, but we can show you the path.

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Find great opportunities

Find great internship or job opportunities and apply with confidence. Excel at every aspect of the internship- and job-search process.

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Interview with success

Prepare for your internship and job interviews with talking points, scripts, and an organized story of your professional journey.

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Unlimited advising

Receive unlimited consulting on succeeding in the workplace, salary negotiations, and climbing the professional ladder.

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Upgrade documents

Compose an outstanding resume and cover letter. Utilize the best practices to get the opportunity you want. From formatting to bullet points, we’ll help you.

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Network confidently

Craft powerful elevator pitches, learn foolproof networking practices, and write thank-you letters with ease. Expand your professional contacts.

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Build on LinkedIn

Create and augment your LinkedIn profile to boost your online presence. Perform an online audit to identify weak points in your brand.

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    How Our Career Guidance Works

    Get the best of professional mentorship. This boot camp offers career guidance for college students through a holistic framework. Your mentor will provide career tools and advice that get results. Your boot camp experience is facilitated online at your convenience.

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    Evaluate profile and weaknesses

    Get paired with a professional mentor who knows what it takes to ace the internship and job applications. We’ll start by evaluating your ambitions, professional experience, volunteer activities, career goals, extracurricular activities, GPA, and other critical aspects of your application profile. With this information, we’ll have everything we need to provide you with the very best career help.

    Upgrade resume and cover letter

    During a multi-hour session, we’ll discuss your professional story, qualifications, and skills. We’ll also find themes and stories. This will set the foundation for your future resumes and cover letters.

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    Find professional oportunities

    While we’re upgrading your resume and cover letter, we’ll help you find professional opportunities that fit your vision. This means working together to find the best internship or job prospects. After this step, we’ll further upgrade your resume and cover letter.

    Identify professional gaps

    Even top CEOs have skills gaps in their work history. The question is:  Are you presenting your skills and other experiences in the best light? We’ll thoroughly review your professional story to ensure you’ve positioned your application to stand out.

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    Build LinkedIn profile

    Your LinkedIn profile needs to be in top shape. This is where professionals can get to know you better. We’ll help you build and upgrade your LinkedIn profile so you can leverage your qualifications.

    Audit professional brand

    You need to know how to present yourself as an ambitious and hard-working professional. We’ll review your online presence, persona, and cover everything from handshakes and posture to networking events and thank-you letters.

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    Form elevator pitch

    An elevator pitch is a short overview of who you are and what value you offer. Create a brief, persuasive script that will help you network with professionals and confidently answer the “tell me about yourself” question.

    Review networking essentials

    You need to know people in the industry you want to work. Don’t slack on networking. We’ll help you explore the keys to making valuable connections, including building a personal brand and conducting yourself in a professional manner.

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    Prepare for interviews

    Discover how to answer common interview questions—and the not-so-common ones. We’ll help you get prepared and confident in any scenario. We’ll conclude with a mock interview.

    Learn about scheduling and managing time

    It’s easy to become overcommitted. Uncover platforms, applications, and best practices to manage time and reduce stress.

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    Ongoing career guidance

    Need more career guidance? No problem. Your mentor is available for ongoing consultations on the career development processes, from handling performance reviews, negotiating salary, and succeeding in the workplace.

    Meet Your New Career Mentor

    Our mentors offer superior career guidance. We’re with you every step of the way!

    Jason Patel, Founder of Transizion



    An experienced college application coach and former career ambassador at the George Washington University

    Headshot of Rhonda, Transizion Mentor, author



    An English teacher who was the Asheville Teacher of the Year nominee and National Education Association’s “Outstanding Statewide Student Leader”

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    A public affairs professional published in The Hill, Washington Examiner, U.S. News & World Report, and other publications.

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