A Leader in the Making:
Morgan’s Case Study

Morgan leveraged her leadership skills to impress admissions officers at the top liberal arts schools in the country.


Problem: Morgan had participated in numerous extracurricular activities and had a strong passion for solving social issues affecting countless Americans. She needed help translating her experience in the community to her college essays.

Solution: Morgan enrolled in our college mentorship boot camp. We helped her craft essay strategies for over 15 essays. Thanks to brainstorming and real-time editing, Morgan was able to write clear essays that demonstrated her leadership for LGBT issues in the community.

Result: Morgan received acceptances at some of the top liberal arts schools in the country. She’s now one step closer to becoming an incredible leader on a college campus.

Lessons Learned: Engaging Morgan with illuminating questions and scenarios ultimately helped her identify experiences that created the most compelling essays. Morgan learned new vocabulary, essay structures, and how to attack writing prompts with confidence. She and her parents viewed our college admissions boot camp as a minor investment with benefits that will last a lifetime.

The Full Story

Morgan’s mother, Theresa, connected with Transizion in the spring of 2017. She wanted Morgan to get an early start on college applications and essays.

Morgan was eager to start her essays. Since she was applying to a few top public and private schools, Morgan knew she had her work cut out for her.

  • During our first conversation, it was clear how passionate Morgan was about helping minority and LGBT communities in the United States.
  • She also felt strongly about helping the less fortunate navigate their struggles.

Morgan, like many of our students, was driven and experienced. She not only demonstrated her potential and passion by participating in extracurricular activities but also held leadership positions in those organizations, determined to help them succeed.

When we began working together, we taught Morgan a number of college essay principles and strategies: self-exposition, brainstorming effectively, structuring an introduction, discussing failures and lessons learned, and explaining values clearly.

While brainstorming, we learned Morgan had been elected president of her school’s LGBT organization.

As nervous as she had been to lead a group of skeptical students,

  • Morgan confronted her fears and immediately sought to fix oversights in the school.
  • Despite her initial anxiety, Morgan sat down with the principal to discuss the student group’s platform, issues, and plans.

It turns out Morgan had an excellent story to tell in her essay – discussing leadership and growth through the lens of fear and motivation.

With guidance, Morgan ended up writing a meticulous Common App essay on her developing ability to lead students while managing responsibilities and expectations.

  • She also wrote excellent supplemental essays on her interests, such as Model UN and botany.

Morgan plans to major in a subject that will cultivate her interests in politics, sociology, gender, and leadership.

She’ll be studying at Oberlin, American University, McDaniel, Flagler, or one of the other top liberal arts schools that accepted her.

We’ll keep in touch with Morgan and look forward to hearing about her work in college and beyond. We’re happy to be a part of your story, Morgan!